"BibleReading" is here! We're happy to announce the new addition to iBibleApps. BibleReading is a twitter based web application for sharing your Bible reading notes.

What is iBibleApps? iBibleApps is a project that was started by DuoPlus! the team of Christian developers based in Tokyo, Japan. Our mission is to help people study the Bible by developing helpful tools. StrongsSearch, WhichVerses? and BibleReading are now available. All the apps can be used on both normal web browser and iPhone / Android. We pray and believe that iBibleApps will be a wonderful tool for your Bible study.
BibleReading will help you find bible reading buddies from all over the world. Not only that you can post your own bible notes, but you can also comment on other people's notes. BibleReading is the new way to make your bible reading more fun and encouraging.
StrongsSearch is a Bible search web app that is specilized for searching with Strong's Concordance Number.You can search keyword or Strong's Concordance number in the Bible. For example, if you want to look for the passages that include the word "thanks", simply type in the word in the search form and push the search button. And you can do the same with the Strong's numbers.
WhichVerses? is a web app for iPhone and Android that lets you do Bible quizzes. Not like other bible quizzes, it isn't the collection of random questions about the Bible. 5 Quizzes will appear with random verses from the chapter. And each of them will have 4 answer choices, so you choose the one that you think correct. So you guess the chapter number by reading the specific passage from the Bible. There are three types of quizzes in WhichVerses?, "Which Book?", "Which Chapter?" and "Which Psalm". This app was made to help you test your Bible knowledge or to memorize Bible passages. We pray that WhichVerses? will be a helpful tool for your Bible Study.

Google App Engine All the apps are powered by Google App Engine aka GAE. It is a free web application engine by Google. If you are interested, please visit their official website here.
Screenshots Wanna take a look at one of the iBibleApps? You can see the larger image by clicking on the thumbnail below.

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